Talks at CodeStock 2014

I spoke at CodeStock yesterday.  I believe this was my 5th year at the conference.  I always enjoy it.  I attended a number of talks myself and hang out with some folks.  I saw a bunch of attendees I met before, and it is nice to see them and be recognized.

I did two talks.

Using SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) to Manage Database Lifecycle

This session will concentrate on features of SSDT as it pertains to creating and updating data structure while incorporating your databases into source control management as well as full application lifecycle management.  Discussion will include structure management, seeded data management and deployment.  Build integration features will also be part of the talk.

Learning objectives   
1.    Core features of SSDT
2.    Source control and artifacts creation
3.    Refactoring and build integration

You can view slides here.


Build Angular applications using TypeScipt – Part 1
This session will lay groundwork to building Angular JS based applications with TypeScript.  We will talk about philosophy behind Angular and cover key components that are part of Angular API.  We will talk about TypeScript as a language and will learn the basics and advantages of this JavaScript extension language.

Learning objectives   
1.    Learn basics of TypeScript
2.    Learn components and design guidelines for Angular
3.    Talk about client side testing

You can view slides for TypeScript here and Intro to Angular here.

You can download the Angular demo I hand coded at the TypeScript session here.  If you look at any previous post on Angular, you will also find a link with much more comprehensive Angular project using TypeScript.


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