SSRS Local Reports in Angular Apps on Azure Web Sites

I was recently working on an app that needed to provide reporting functionality in addition to regular data entry.  I blogged in the past about SSRS in Angular apps, and I used SSRS server reports (.rdl files) for that demo.  This works really well on locally installed application, but to support SSRS on Azure requires …

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Using SSRS In Angular / ASP.NET MVC Application

I blogged a long time ago about a pattern on how to show reports in an ASP.NET MVC application.  I have received a lot of request to share code, but I have lost the source code when I reimaged my machine.  Rather than recreating this from scratch, I decided to take a more advanced route …

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Getting Started with SSRS on Azure

In this post I will describe how to get started with running SQL Server Reporting Services on Azure.  SSRS on Azure is now in beta stage, but anyone can give it a whirl.  First of all, activate the service and create new report server.  When you are on management portal, click on Reporting link (see …

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Using SSRS In ASP.NET MVC Application

In this blog I will describe my ideas on how to integrate SQL Server reports in ASP.NET MVC applications.  I would like to have as seamless of an integration as possible given the constraints in place.  For example, the only web based report viewer for SSRS is the one that has been shipping with Web …

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Getting Started with PowerPivot

Last week I took a stab at creating my first PowerPivot spreadsheet, and I wanted to document the steps.  Maybe this post will help someone, but it will help me remember, that is for sure! Before you get started, you will need to download all the software required.  Here is my list: Office 2010 Beta …

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Webinar on reporting in Silverlight

I am presenting a webinar on July 28th on reporting in Silverlight.  This webinar is hosted by my employer, Magenic Technologies.  If you would like to register and watch this event, please follow this link: There should be some tome allocated for questions and answers as well. Thank you.

SSRS and “Unable to load client print control” issue

I was faced with a new (to me) problem today.  As part of testing of a Silverlight application that has SSRS based reports, the client reported an issue on some machines.  They are able to print a report, but clicking on export or print button was causing issues.  The actual error reported from Silverlight application …

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