Notes on SSRS deployment

I had to deploy and configure SSRS on Friday.  Getting it configured was an easy part.  Then I had to deploy about 50 reports for testing.  They all shared one data source.  One unfortunate part I found is that you cannot add multiple reports to report server at one time.  So, I had to pick one report at a time to add to SSRS installation.  Once that was done I discovered that data source did not translate properly.  At that point I had to pull up properties of each report and pick a data source yet again.  Once all that was done, I was able to preview reports on SSRS server.

Next step was to configure application server.  In my case I was using ASP.NET based SSRS report viewer.  All my settings were in web.config.  I updated them with the SSRS server location.  However, once I tried to preview a report there, I got a security exception.  What I had to do to resolve that is to note domainappserver location that my web site was running on.  Then I had to go to SSRS configuration and add a user domainappserver$ with the role of Browser.  At that point I was able to run and preview the reports.

I have the following notes:

1. Deployment tools (SSRS Management web site) is really lacking.  I was wishing that I could force the person to reply a few hundred reports using that.  I think the tool would be greatly improved after that :-).

2. Security is quite easy to setup.

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