Gallup Poll – On Best Managers

I mentioned before that I attended management meeting for a division of Tyler Technologies a few weeks back.  As part of the meeting we talked about employee satisfaction, hiring and retention.  I found over many years that when it comes to hiring, the only thing that is important is to hire smart and conscientious people.  …

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Thoughts on Goals in Software Industry

I blogged previously on leadership.  I wanted to extend the topic a bit and talk about goal setting. First of all, what is a goal?  Goal from dictionary perspective is a desired result that an organization or an individual sets to achieve.  They have a few properties that are important.  Goals need to be Specific …

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Thoughts On Being a Leader in Software Industry

Last week I attended management meeting for a division of Tyler Technologies.  We discussed many topics, one of them was centered around leadership.  There is not a big difference between being a leader in software industry and really any other market.  I wanted to summarize my thoughts on the subject in this post.  I feel …

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We’re hiring at Magenic!

.NET Consultant – Atlanta | Atlanta, GA Magenic is offering full-time salaried opportunities for .NET developers to join our Atlanta team.  We are looking for talented people with a passion for Microsoft technology who have developed .NET applications on the Microsoft stack of tools. Learn more  |  Apply now  |  Forward this job

Technical Interview Questions and Answers

I recently read Scott Hanselman’s post on technical interviews. I took a stab at answering those for my own amusement.  I took a bit of time to research the questions to ensure my answers are correct (as far as I know anyway).  So, I thought, why not post them and get some feedback?  Also, I …

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