2013 is here, and it brought big changes for me.  Technically, I brought all of them myself, but that is a minor detail. 

First of all, I was re-awarded Microsoft MVP today!  This is a huge and welcome news for me, just like it had been the two times prior to this year.  It is a validation of my efforts in promoting Microsoft technologies and helping others to discover them,  My previous category (Data Platform) was eliminated so now I am an Integration MVP.  This category includes server technologies, such as WCF, BizTalk and others.  I have been blogging some on services, as I am always interested in providing robust services behind any application.  I think in modern world services again become heart of the applications, positioning software developers for multiple implementations of the software, for example Windows Store Apps and iOS.  Services is one place of your application that can be totally reused in any platform.  I am planning to invest more time into services in the upcoming year.

Second of all, I changed jobs this year.  I left Magenic and started my career with Tyler Technologies.  I will be an architect in government software division at Tyler.  I am grateful for the opportunity that Magenic provided for me.  I feel I was able to help its customers achieve their goals, while helping my fellow Magenic employees.  I got a chance to work with great people, and this is of utmost importance to me. I worked directly with Rocky Lhotka on CSLA, and this was a great experience for me.  There are many, many other great people that I worked with, too numerous to mention here.  Yet, now I am looking forward to working on new challenges at Tyler.

Happy New Year!

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