Atlanta Code Camp 2012 Presentations

Atlanta Code Camp too place yesterday, May 19 at Southern Polytechnic campus.  I just want to post my presentations here as promised.  I did two talks as you can see below.

Entity Framework Code First – Beyond the Basics

This session cover scenarios beyond the basics of EF Code First usage. Topics such as creation of object hierarchies and complex types will be discussed. Performance tips will be covered as well as usage scenarios in services. Techniques to handle schema changes will be discussed.

Building Data Driven Applications Using WinRT and XAML

This session will help attendees understand data access techniques in WinRT. The talk will highlight various ways to persists the data locally and via services. Topics will include data binding implications in regard with data usages, asynchronous access to data, and binding to various XAML controls.

You can download one zip file with all materials here.

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