Atlanta Silverlight Fire Starter Event

Atlanta Silverlight Fire Starter event yesterday was awesome!  There were over 100 people attending.  The vast majority stayed there for the entire length of the event that lasted from 8am until 6pm.  All presenters did a great job.  All attendees were great.  They actively participated in all discussions, asking many questions.  Many thanks to all the event sponsors who helped make Fire Starter possible,  The event was truly a communal effort pulled off by many people excited about the technology and willing to share their knowledge and experience.  Please see Silverlight Atlanta site for more details about the event and its sponsors.

I posted my presentation about Deploying Silverlight Applications that I presented at the Fire Starter here.  The zip file contains sample project, database backup and PowerPoint presentation.

I was also going to chat for a couple of minutes about reporting in Silverlight and localization in Silverlight, however we of ran out of time by the end of the day.  I pushed an example in localization into the zip file above.  Just look at how title is setup on the main screen.  If you are interested in reporting in Silverlight, just find the blog entries on this topic on this blog.  There is also a sample project here on that showcases reporting in Silverlight.

I’d like to thank again to all involved in Fire Starter event, presenters, attendees and sponsors alike.

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