CodeStock – Voting for Sessions is Now Open

The CodeStock website is now open for registrations and the voting on sessions has begun.  Selections will be announced after March 21st, 2011.

I submitted a number of sessions.  If you would like to see me speak at CodeStock, vote for my sessions please.

Here is my full list:

  • Using Code First (Code Only) approach with Entity Framework
  • Testing SL applications with Microsoft Unit Testing Framework and Coded UI
  • Using LightSwitch for Visual Studio to Quickly Build Silverlight 3 tier applications
  • Working with SQL Azure
  • Using CSLA 4.0 to Build Powerful Enterprise Applications
  • Building ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Applications with Razor View Engine and EF Code First.
  • Working with Data on Windows Phone 7


Thank you.

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