DevLink Talk

I will be speaking at DevLink this coming Friday, August 31st, 2012. I will be speaking on Entity Framework.  Here is a short session description.

This session will cover scenarios beyond the basics. Topics such as creation of object hierarchies and complex types will be discussed. Performance tips will be covered as well as usage scenarios in services. Techniques to handle schema changes will be discussed. High level overview of how to handle various RDBMS with Entity Framework will be part of the conversation. Learning objectives Understand performance analysis tips for Entity framework Database scheme evolution handling techniques Organization of database and conceptual model via complex types and hierarchies

I will be posting slides and the code after the conference here on my blog after the talk.  I did adjust the talk since the last time, and now spend more time live coding.  I got some negative responses last time because I showed a lot of code, but it was all pre-built. This time I am trying to find a happy median between live coding and showing existing code.  Live and learn is my motto.

Hope to see some familiar folks there.


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