Microsoft MVP Award

I just got an email from Microsoft that I was re-awarded Microsoft MVP status!  This would be my 6th consecutive award.  I am quite humbled and excited to have my community efforts recognized by Microsoft again.  For many years now I take a bit of time in December to reflect upon the last year and make some goals for the upcoming year which technically started today.

Last year I spoke at seven different events, conferences and local user groups.  I was on organizing committee for Atlanta Code Camp again.  I feel that put on a very successful event one more time.  I served as a technical reviewer for an Entity Framework book for APress at the end of 2013.  I wrote a number of blog posts, mostly documenting my own experiences with many facets of software development.  I worked hard at Tyler Technologies as an architect.  I worked on a number of various interesting projects, helping customers and fellow developers. 

I am looking forward toward 2015.  I know I will be starting an extremely large and challenging project at Tyler.  I feel that I do my best work under some pressure, so I am welcoming this new challenge.  I have been working on a book for PacktPub, and I am excited about becoming a published author, assuming everything goes according to plan.  I am planning to finish first draft within a couple of weeks.  Right after that I am planning to concentrate on ASP.NET v. next and EF 7 learning.  I am planning to blog about my experiences there as well.

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