Microsoft MVP

I have just been selected to receive the Microsoft MVP award!  This is an awesome news!  I feel honored and humbled that Microsoft recognized my efforts in learning Microsoft technologies and being active in local Microsoft oriented developer communities, user groups and events.  At the risk of making cliché comments, I would like to recognize a few people and organizations that encouraged me to strive to do my best.

As much as I learned by working at Horizon Software, there is no way I would have gotten where I am without Magenic Technologies.  This the most awesome company to work for.  Great environment and great people too numerous to mention encouraged me to work hard every day.  Participating in local users group has been invaluable experience for me as well.  I have met many people smarter than me over the last number of years that helped me out a lot.  Special thanks to Glen Gordon, local Microsoft developer evangelist for nominating me.  I am very much looking forward to many exciting years learning and (hopefully) teaching Microsoft technologies.


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