Reflections on Blogging

I started my blog here in November 2009 after moving it from Live Spaces, that since died as a project.  My primary goal of starting that is to share my thoughts and experiences with other folks, vet some new ideas, and hopefully help a person or two solve the same problems I found solutions to at some point in time.  Blogging also gives me a place to document my experiences.  In addition any time I research a topic, I like to write about it because the process of writing things down helps me remember better.

This month I hit what I consider a milestone of 100,000 views on my blog!



Woo-hoo!  I think that is pretty cool!



This chart shows some steady growth in views over the last 20 months.  I guess I am doing something right if that many folks can find tidbits of useful information in my writings.

Thank you.

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