Talk at Atlanta .NET Users Group

Yesterday I spoke at the Atlanta .NET Users Group.  Here is the summary of the talk.

This talk will highlight new programming model for Windows 8. Application types that Windows 8 will support will be discussed. The discussion will concentrate on Metro style applications and various programming languages that developers can use to write them. Basic advantages of new platform will be highlighted. Migration strategies for current applications if they were to be moved to Metro style apps will be part of the talk. Some of the cool features in Windows 8 will be discussed as well as how they can make applications more appealing to users. XAML programing model will be talked over, describing new XAML controls for Windows 8. Data options will also be part of the dialog. A quick glance at the upcoming Windows store will conclude the talk.

As I promised, I posted the slides and the code for download.  You can follow the links below to obtain both.


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