VS Live Orlando 2011

As I mentioned before, I presented at VS Live conference in Orlando, FL Thursday, 12/08/2011. I presented the following two talks

Working with Data on Windows Phone 7
I will talk about various approaches to work with data on Windows Phone 7. I will cover all major concepts, such as local storage, OData/WCF Data Services and custom WCF services. I will demonstrate how to retrieve data and save changes locally or to a remove web server. I will build demos for all technologies step-by-step.

You will learn:
• About options to persist the data on Windows Phone 7
• About pros and cons of each technologies
• Knowledge to build a Windows Phone application that publishes and/or consumes data

You can download the materials for this presentation here.

Using Code First (Code Only) Approach with Entity Framework
Session will include high level overview of Entity Framework and how various approaches to use it fit into application development lifecycle. Then I will build POCO classes that entity framework can use to create database as well as perform CRUD operations against the database. Various attributes that are included out of the box will be covered. This will include columns constraints, relationships, etc. I will show you how ASP.ENT MVC 3 can utilize entity framework code first metadata to build automatic validation of user input.
You will learn:
• How to build data access layer with Entity Framework Code First
• About validation approaches using POCO classes
• Fluent API and attribute based configuration option

You can download the materials for this presentation here.  I spent a lot of time answering questions, which I really enjoy, so I ran a bit short on time covering MVC.  On a positive note, you can still see the project in the download zip file.

Feel free to ask any questions related to the presentations in the comments or email me directly.  You can find my email address on Contact Me page on this blog.

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