CSLA .NET for Silverlight webcast on 11/13

Magenic is sponsoring a webcast about CSLA .NET for Silverlight on November 13. I will be doing this presentation.  I am very excited about this opportunity.  I think very highly of Silverlight/WPF technologies.  I have also being using CSLA for almost 2 years now on nearly daily basis.  As you may have noticed from other posts, I got an opportunity to work with Rocky Lhotka on CSLA for Silverlight for about three months.  I am hopeful that I can share my excitement and get people interested in CSLA for Silverlight.  I honestly believe that Silverlight can revolutionize business application development for the web, and CSLA can play a very big role in this process as the very first (to my knowledge) business framework for Silverlight.

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