Entity Framework and multiple relationships between two tables

Here is a scenario – I have two tables – Users and Phones.  Users table has two columns that relate to Phones table – PrimaryPhone and SecondaryPhone.  If you build an EF model with these two tables, you will end up with Users entity with two navigation properties that relate to Phones entity – Phones and Phones1.  Yes, I hope this excellent 🙁 naming convention will be fixed in EF 2.0.  Our goal – retrieve the data for both phones with each user.  If you do the following:

var query = (from oneUser in Users.Include(“Phones”)

you will end up with only secondary (or primary) navigation property in Users object populated.  So, either Users.Phones or Users.Phones1 will have data, the other one will be null.  Important thing to realize when working with Entity Framework is that “.Includes”  statement works off navigation property names, not table names.  So, if you would like to populate both primary and secondary phone, you need to use the following query:

var query = (from oneUser in Users.Include(“Phones”).Include(“Phones1”)

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