Silverlight 3.0 – Perspective 3D

I am continuing covering new features in Silverlight 3.0.  The subject of this post is Silverlight 3.0.

Perspective 3D is new type of transforms available in Silverlight 3.0.  It allows developers to create a 3D projection of a two-dimensional object.  A key power of this new feature is the fact that any UI element in Silverlight can be used as a target for this feature.  This means you can rotate a control in thee dimensional space around any axis.  In my example I am using this Plane Projection to rotate a calendar:


I am rotating the calendar control around X axis with center of rotation at x=0, y=0.5.  These values are set as relative values with 0.5 being the middle of the plane.  This allows us to create a rotation similar to an actual wall calendar’s page  turned by a person.  You can rotate around multiple axis in multiple planes, create nice visual effects.  Pretty cool.


You can download the sample project here.

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