Resharper Solution Error Analyzer

I love ReSharper tool by JetBrains.  Today however for one of my solutions I could not get the solution error analyzer to stop.  The solution is very large, and Visual Studio performance was really bad.  The symptom was the following.  Visual Studio’s status bar was continuously flashing in lower right corner.  ReSharper analysis icon was appearing and disappearing continuously.  The studio would become unresponsive then and the IntelliSense would stop working.  After fighting with the issue for an hour, I upgraded the ReSharper, but the problem remained.  Finally, I just renamed the folder called SolutionCaches under C:Users<MyName>AppDataLocalJetBrainsReSharper<version> folder.  Once I restarted the studio, the problem went away.

Hope this helps someone else to save an hour(or more).

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