My Applications in App Store for Windows Phone 7

I checked the download statistics of my applications for Windows Phone 7 in the App Store, and to my surprise I have quite a few downloads!  Mr.  Fortune’s Famous Quotes is a free application that generates a random famous quote on demand, accompanied by a cool animation effect.  As you can see, that application has been downloads 242 times between 12/29/2010  and 1/3/2011.  I published it on 12/29/2010.  Apparently, Windows phone users like quotes.  On top of that, my paid application ($0.99 total cost) – Sport Timer, was downloaded once, which technically infinity times better result than I expected.  This is pretty cool app, actually.  It allows you to enter multiple people, multiple events, includes stop watch, and maintains history of all recorded times.  It provides text view and graph view of results for each person/even type combination.


Here is the screenshot with stats from the App Hub.


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