Update to Windows Phone 7 Controls

I updated Calendar control for Windows Phone 7 on CodePlex today.

I added support for other languages as well as published the package to NuGet.

You can added it to your Windows Phone 7 applications, both targeting 7.0 and 7.1 versions by typing the following into NuGet package manager console: Install-Package WPControls

You can also see package details at https://nuget.org/packages/WPControls

I wanted to illustrate right quick how I added support for other languages.  There are only a few things I have to localize: week day names and month names.  It happens, that both are very easy to do through DateTimeFormat object.

Here is how I am setting week day names:

            _dateTimeFormatInfo = !CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.IsNeutralCulture ? 
                CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat : 
                (new CultureInfo("en-US")).DateTimeFormat;

I have to protect against neutral cultures, so I am using en-US as default for those.

        private void SetupDaysOfWeekLabels()
            Sunday = _dateTimeFormatInfo.AbbreviatedDayNames[0];
            Monday = _dateTimeFormatInfo.AbbreviatedDayNames[1];
            Tuesday = _dateTimeFormatInfo.AbbreviatedDayNames[2];
            Wednesday = _dateTimeFormatInfo.AbbreviatedDayNames[3];
            Thursday = _dateTimeFormatInfo.AbbreviatedDayNames[4];
            Friday = _dateTimeFormatInfo.AbbreviatedDayNames[5];
            Saturday = _dateTimeFormatInfo.AbbreviatedDayNames[6];


As you can see this is very easy to do.  I am making my week start on Sunday and in my control template I use TemplateBinding to point to my Sunday through Saturday properties.

Month name is just as easy.

        private string GetMonthName()
            string returnValue = _dateTimeFormatInfo.MonthNames[_month - 1];
            return returnValue;

My _month variable contains month number 1 through 12.

That is all there is to it.

Enjoy and please continue providing feedback for Calendar control.


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