Support for Roaming Folder in WInRT Database

I posted another small update to my WinRT database project on CodePlex.

I added support for roaming.  You can now specify the location of the database, picking either local or roaming folder.  For example, here is how you can create database in Roaming folder:

_database = await
   Database.CreateDatabaseAsync(DatabaseName, StorageLocation.Roaming);

I added the same parameter – StorageLocation to OpenDatabaseAsync and DoesDatabaseExistsAsync method for full support.  If you are curious on how this was done, I used support for those folder that can be found via properties on ApplicationData.Current class/property.

Please let me know of any suggestions you might have.  Feedback is always appreciated.

I update quick start project, included in the download, to demonstrate the use of new functionality.


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