I Wrote a Book!

I have not been blogging much in the past 6 months.  There are many reasons for this.  Primary one is that I have been writing a book, accepting an offer from Packt publishing.  The book is published now!  It is available from both Packt and Amazon sites.  Time to get some rest and catch up on many tasks that I have been neglecting.  The people at Packt made it a good experience for me, a first time book author.  I can tell you that there is a big different between writing a short article for a magazine or  a blog post and writing a book.  I wanted to be an author for a long time, and I finally with Packt’s encouragement mustered up enough courage to do it.  I am quite happy.

Want to thank my family for putting up with my busy schedule for the past 6 month!

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