Talk at AMDev Meetup

I spoke at Atlanta Microsoft Developers Meet up yesterday.   I did the following talk.


Leveraging ASP.NET MVC and Knockout in a Web Application
This session is all about leveraging the power of data binding from knockout and traditional ASP.NET MVC views with unobtrusive validation.  We will see how we can inject knockout binding using custom templates, while at the same time writing smaller, cleaner views.  We will see how we can avoid post backs with jQuery and view model to optimize user experience and performance with small amounts of JavaScript.  At the end, we will have a working application with a query and an edit screen, establishing a pattern of writing large applications with MVC and Knockout.

Learning objectives                  

1.       Think big and build application framework on top of MVC and Knockout.

2.       Understand the power of custom templates to simplify ASP.NET MVC views

3.       See how jQuery and Knockout can work together to provide post back free environment.

You can download sample project here.

You can view slides here.

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