Talk at Microsoft Integration Architects Atlanta Users Group

Yesterday I spoke on Entity Framework at Microsoft Integration Architects Atlanta users group, and wanted to post my slides and a sample project.  Here is the session description.

Entity Framework Code First End to End

This session will cover the use Entity Framework in .NET based applications. Discussion will include model creation and organization as well as schema evolution via migrations. The role of data annotations in Entity Framework model creation and validation will be highlighted. Key issues in achieving performance will be part of the talk, including ability to embed stored procedures when necessary. Creation of a maintainable data access layer via use of repositories will be illustrated. An ASP.NET MVC application will be built throughout the talk to illustrate the concepts. We will also discuss some changes that came with EF 6.

Here are the links:

Thank you!


  1. Поразбирался в Вашем проекте. Что смутило:

    1. (IEnumerable)ViewData[“ContactTypeId”]

    ViewData – это зло, которого не должно быть ни в учебных проектах, ни в продакшене, нигде.
    ViewData в учебных проектах – это двойное зло, т.к. люди думают что так и должно быть…

    2. criteria.SortColumn == “FirstName”, criteria.FilterColumn == “LastName” и подобное.

    Названия столбцов забиты в строках? Но в этом случае сама идея ORM губится на корню!

  2. Valid comments, although would be better in English so that more people could read them.
    1. Purely there to communicate between main view and partial view template for drop down. Could be avoided with more complicated model.
    2. This is how sorting works in jqGrid. What is send to the server is the column name. There is no way around this issue,
    Hope this helps.

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