CodeStock 2015

This year I presented at CodeStock conference again.  Once more time I had fun there.  I think CodeStock is my favorite event to attend.  For a small price attendees get high quality content with national and regional speaker presenting.  This year I presented on a couple of topics.

What’s new in Entity Framework Code First from v. 5 till now

This session will concentrate on new features in EF 5, 6 and 7. The topics with include API changes and new features. Some of the example are interceptors, testability improvements, custom conventions, asynchronous support. We will also talk about dependency injection, stores procedures support, and other changes. Finally, we will see how to use EF 7 in ASP.NET v. NEXT.



TypeScript Fundamentals

This session will lay groundwork to building web based applications with TypeScript. We will talk about TypeScript as a language and will learn the basics and advantages of this JavaScript extension language. We will write some sample Angular JS code with TypeScript



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