Reflections on Past Year

I got a notification today that my Microsoft MVP status has been extended for one more year.  This is a great news for me, and makes me feel even more proud of the work I do in the community.  I have always loved participating in the local Microsoft focused user groups and gatherings.  I enjoy hanging around my peers and learning from them, exchanging honest opinions, and presenting on occasion.  I believe that sharing knowledge is vital for any developer to stay current with technology, and I think this equally applies to attending events, presenting and volunteering alike.  Atlanta has a vibrant Microsoft focused developer communing, and there is always something going to match any programming interest.

I think working for Magenic Technologies has been instrumental in keeping me involved and learning.  Magenic as a company highly encourages its employees to be learners and teachers, awarding and encouraging everyone who participates in community events.

I see blogging as an activity that serves multiple purposes as well.  I blog mostly about topics that interest me, and as part of writing I also learn various aspects of Microsoft developed technologies.  The fact that some people find my writings useful just motivates me even more.  Here are the visitor stats on my blog since I moved it here after purchasing


Thanks and Happy New Year.

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