Entity Framework Online Course on CampusMPV.net

In case you were wondering why my blogging slacked off a bit during summer months, I have been working on Entity Framework online course for CampusMVP.net

It was pretty hard, yet exciting work for me.  I tried to do my best to cover data access using Entity Framework from the ground up.  The material starts with the basic of the technology and covers all key aspects of using it to build robust data access layer for your .NET applications.  The course includes written materials, sample projects and videos.

I really liked CampusMPV business model. With their courses you will get benefits that are hard to find on the internet.  You can read the written portion, follow project and watch videos. More importantly, you have direct access to course authors!  You can ask questions, and within short period of time the author will reply to your queries (pun fully intended).

My course concentrates on practical aspects of using Entity Framework, covering all the approaches: Database First, Model First and Code First. I spend more time on Code First, since this is where Microsoft sees the future of the technology. I am basing this conjunction on the amount of effort that is put into Code First.

Here is a short video about the course.

Thank you.


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